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Snow Leopard Party

You’re invited to the Mac OS 10.6 Release, also known as the Snow Leopard Party!

Where: Irvine Spectrum Apple Store (Kitty Corner from Frederick’s of Hollywood… SRSLY) & 13 Pacifico, Katmandu

When: Friday August 28th, 2009 at 9:30 am

What: Celebrating the release of  Mac OS Snow Leopard, and celebrating for the sake of celebrating!

Activities include:

• Breakfast outside the Apple Store

• Cat costumes. I’m serious. Dress up. Or else we WILL draw cat whiskers on you with sharpie.

• Buying Snow Leopard

• Chasing mice in the Apple Store

• Photobooth photos in the Apple Store

• Cat Piano app jam sesh

• Catwalk shots outside the store; I’m too sexy for my software.

• Trader Joe’s cat cookies. Those things are so good, they deserve an activity bullet point of their own.

• Returning to my den to watch “Bringing Up Baby.” (The movie is black and white so the leopard could totally be a snow leopard!)

• Afternoon catnap and/or catnip

• Minimal use of lolspeak

• Cool Cat-themed music (Lovecats, Faster Kill Pussycat, Stray Cat Strut, Black Panther, Pink Panther Theme, other colors of panthers…)

• Catatonics (Think gin & tonic with a twist)

• Caterwauling

Taking suggestions for other activities or breakfast/lunch/snacks. Tips on how not to make this party a hurricane Katrina-style catastrophe? Comment!

I’m already planning the release party for 10.7:



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